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Orcus Astrology by Kismet Wellness

Evolutionary Astrology, Frequency Management, Trauma Recognition, Healthy Habits Coaching, and Accountability Coaching

Natal Chart Readings

Natal Chart Readings are treated as an introductory session that allows the practitioner 
to share their initial interpretations of the client's chart. After viewing the client's chart the practitioner will have an email follow-up with a few questions before they send over their reading. This session is designed to help the practitioner develop a better understanding and knowledge of the client's current situation as it relates to aspects in their chart. Further in-depth sessions maybe scheduled in-person or via zoom.

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Transit Chart Readings/Consultation

Astrological transits can give us insight into future trends and developments that have an effect on our lives. Transit Chart Readings look at a client's natal chart overlaid with current transits to view aspects that the client's chart is forming.  With a Transit Chart Reading client can maybe able to gain better understanding on how to navigate upcoming challenges or make the most of a time of feeling more creative and enlightened. The client can choose to pick an upcoming date corresponding to an event or just to look forward into the month. The practitioner will share aspects that are happening, but may choose to focus more heavily on certain aspects believed to be significant to the client.

Composite Chart Readings/Consultation

Astrology is a wonderful tool to not only help us learn about ourselves as individuals, but also to help better understand our relationships with other people. A composite chart merges two individual’s birth charts into a single chart, representing the relationship itself. A composite chart reading can help identify many interesting dynamics within a relationship and how the relationship functions, as well as potential challenges within a relationship with respect to transiting celestial objects and aspects being made. Interested in learning more about your relationship with a potential partner or significant other? **Does not need to be a romantic partnership; composite charts are helpful when examining familial relationships, friendships, business partnerships, etc.**
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Crystal Energy Coaching/Consultation

Crystals and stones can be useful tools when trying to master the potential of our personal energy, but also can be overwhelming due to the vast array of metaphysical properties they can offer. We may feel attuned to a certain frequency at one time that may not be the best alignment with us at others. With a Crystal Energy Consultation both your natal and current transits in your chart maybe taken into consideration to best recommend certain minerals to help enhance energy that will positively serve you or provide energy to help ground you through upcoming challenges. This service can either help you best select stones in your personal collection or have a care package mindfully sourced, prepared, and shipped to you from us at Kismet Wellness.


Interested in scheduling a consultation or looking to purchase a reading? 

Call or Text: (207) 200 - 6348



Readings (Via E-mail; Generally 3-6 page write-up) - $150

Consultations (Local In-Person/Zoom)- $220/hour 

Venmo: @KismetWellnessLLC

Have any questions about our services or scheduling? Feel free to text us for the fastest response at (207) 200 - 6348!

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