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Back Massage

E. Samuel Greenwood III, LMT

Mobile Massage Therapist


   At Kismet Wellness we travel to you and provide the highest quality in-home massage experience. We provide full-body therapeutic massage sessions that are custom designed based on the needs of each of our unique clients. We don't believe in making our clients to choose a particular modality for their treatment ahead of time, we believe in truly aligning with our clients through gentle communication before and during the session to make sure that the client feels comfortable and secure while being able to get the most from their session. We can integrate multiple modalities to achieve the goals of that session based upon client needs and how their body is responding. It is very common for the treatment of a client to change as time goes on and changes are affected in the body. These sessions can include a combination of:

Swedish Massage - The best known modality of massage. Use of long flowing strokes with light to moderate pressure, Swedish Massage increases blood and lymph circulation, flushes toxins, relaxes muscles, and reduces stress


60 Minute         $70  
90 Minute         $100
120 Minute       $125


Call or Text:

207 - 200 - 6348


Deep Tissue - Focused application of pressure into the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Deeper pressure can be very effective in breaking up tissue adhesions which can mean quicker recovery from injury, relief from chronic pain, and increased range of motion. Deep tissue isn't for every client, but we utilize effective tissue warming methods that allow us to apply more pressure and effective work with less pain from our clients during and after our sessions!



Myofascial Release -  Long, stretching strokes with tissues compression focused on releasing fascial adhesions that can exist throughout all layers of your muscular systems causing tightness, tension, pain, and reduced range of motion. Over time our bodies develop tightness based on our daily activities. This tightness can progress into pain, reduced range of motion, and postural issue. Myofascial Release can help break up these adhesions and return fascia to its normal elastic state, which will relieve pain and help restore proper posture and range of motion.

Trigger Point Therapy - A focused form of Myofascial work where pressure is focused on a painful or tense area in musculature. Pressure is applied to trigger points until the client reaches the line between uncomfortable and painful. Pressure is sustained and the trigger point will release and the uncomfortable feeling will subside for the client. Trigger Point Therapy can help with chronic headaches, joint stiffness/clicking, arthritis, TMJ conditions, and other chronic musculoskeletal pain.

PNF Stretching - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a form of flexibility therapy, which involves both the contracting and therapist-assisted stretching of the muscle group being targeted. PNF stretching is one of the most effective forms of stretching for improving flexibility and increasing range of motion.


About Sam, Owner of Kismet Wellness: 

Kismet Wellness was formed by Sam with the vision of helping those struggling with pain (emotional or physical) find natural relief in a comforting and relaxing way. Sam has strived to increase all of our client’s quality of life from when he entered the cannabis industry at age 16 with the mission on educating those with terminal illness on how medical cannabis can help them be more comfortable. Sam found his true passion is to help others treat their pain and find relief. Pursuing this passion has helped Sam on his own healing journey to become a very centered practitioner with immense positive intentions. Other than healing Sam's other passions include yoga, martial arts, plants, and exploring/respecting nature. The one thing Sam looks forward to everyday is assisting his client in setting their own wellness goals and achieving them!

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